Our Future /2016

*Official Competition at Ottawa International Animation Festival 2016 (Canada)


*Milano Film Festival 2016 ( Milano, Italy)
*10th International Animation Festival Fest Anca (Slovakia/2017)

When You Touch Me /2016

*SENE Film Fest 2018 (Providence RI)
Prize: New England Animated Short
*Ivy Film Satellite Festival 2016 (NYC)
*RISD FAV Senior Show 2016 (Rhode Island School of Design)
*Contributing to a film about RISD’s emphasis on hands-on learning and how the physical making of art can guide and change the way students approach their work intellectually (premiere 2017 Jan 1 on JetBlue flights)

U & I

*Snowtown Film Festival (2018) Watertown NY
Prize: Outstanding Animated Short